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Code of Conduct

Diamond teachers are expected to adhere to the following code of conduct, which represents a condition of your employment with us.

Time Keeping

For assignments that have been pre-booked, teachers are expected to arrive at school at the agreed time, generally before 8.30am. For assignments that have been organised that day, arrival as early as possible is expected.

Dress Code

Teachers are professional people and should dress accordingly. Smart/casual is advised on the first day and dress can then be tailored appropriately. Some schools have dress codes including many multi-cultural schools where inappropriate dress can cause offence. If this is the case then you will be advised appropriately.


It is essential that you arrive at the school properly equipped for the task in hand. If any specialist equipment is required, you will be advised.


When on supply, you are expected to teach the materials provided by the school unless advertised otherwise. In the absence of set work, lessons should be appropriate with the age and ability of the students and in accordance with the curriculum. Marking work and setting homework is part of any teacher’s jobs. Individual policies should be referred to for further information.

School Resources

Use of school resources should be restricted to essential purposes required for the job. Ask the supply contact if in doubt.

Following School Rules and Customs

Teachers must arrive promptly for lessons and observe the schools rules, customs and procedures. Diamond teachers should familiarise themselves with school policies on discipline and equal opportunities. Serious disciplinary matters should be reported to the Head teacher or Deputy Head teacher, and you are reminded that physical punishment of any kind is strictly illegal in the United Kingdom.


I declare that I have provided my details to Diamond Teachers Recruitment of my own free will and I authorise them to obtain any information relevant to my application.


We'll help you find your dream teaching job Our dedicated consultants will match your skills and experiences to the right school!

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We'll help you find your dream teaching job Our dedicated consultants will match your skills and experiences to the right school!

Diamond Teachers Recruitment

Diamond Teachers Recruitment

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