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As teachers ourselves, we will do our best to support you with ideas and tips to be outstanding with every lesson you teach and every school you go to. Here are some tips we have found useful.

Keeping it Brief

Different schools use different established codes of assessment for giving feedback like
www-what went well
Ebi- Even better if

S: Strengths
I: Improvements
R: Response.

Diamond Teachers are required to use either of these two methods when giving feedback. It is important that you gauge the understanding or assessment for learning of your students.


Whole Class Involvement

- Ask everyone in the class a question ( without putting hands up) before the end of the lesson. Do this often enough and student engagement will improve!
- You could ask each student a question as you take the register.

I don't know

- If you ask a student a question and they don't know the answer, Say, I’ll come back to you with the same question in a moment. Then, ask the same question to another, then a few more questions and return to ask the same question to the student who didn't know. If they answer correctly, you have demonstrated what progress the student has made.

Verbal Answers

- Ask students questions that they can answer with thumbs, fingers and other gestures.

- On a scale of 1-10, how much of this topic do you know understand (show fingers).

5 Top Tips for A Well Delivered Lesson

1. Task on board/desks/explained when students enter so learning begins straight away (you can do the register when they are doing this).

2. Make sure ‘Must…..Should…… Could……..’ Learning Objectives or equivalent are on display. These could be stuck in books, on the board, on the worksheet and are referred to by you throughout the lesson.3. Frequently check students’ progress through questioning, mini plenaries, one to one discussion red green cards, thumbs up/down etc.

4. Target students for questioning rather than whole class.

5. Students know what their target is and what they need to do to achieve it (not revise more… work harder, pay attention, but ‘give more evidence in answers…, solve quadratic equations…..evaluate sources effectively.

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We'll help you find your dream teaching job Our dedicated consultants will match your skills and experiences to the right school!

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We'll help you find your dream teaching job Our dedicated consultants will match your skills and experiences to the right school!

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