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Useful Tips for Writing Your CV

A well-composed teaching CV is the most effective way of grabbing any schools attention. It is your expertise and personality on paper. All teaching professionals searching for teaching jobs should always maintain an 'up to date' CV. When you apply to register with Diamond Teachers Recruitment, you must submit your teacher resume making sure you include a covering letter. Our applications for registration are ranked on the quality of your CV, accurate content of information and the quality of your referees.

Teachers who demonstrate they have put in a sound effort into developing a clear and succinct CV are normally prioritised for screening and in turn, requested to attend registration interviews. Diamond Teachers Recruitment is synonymous with quality assurance. We are always searching for the very best out of teachers and your teacher CV is the first step in this process.

It is vital that all teachers registered with Diamond Teachers Recruitment have completed and emailed us their up to date Diamond Teachers Recruitment CV template. This is the CV we send to our client schools when they request a teacher to fill an urgent teaching vacancy. It is essential your CV includes the following:-

 Teachers Recruitment Luton Your education/qualifications
 Teachers Recruitment Luton Relevant teaching employment history/teaching placement history with correct dates
 Teachers Recruitment Luton Other employment (training and instructional based)
 Teachers Recruitment Luton Professional memberships/registration
 Teachers Recruitment Luton Professional Development Courses attended
 Teachers Recruitment Luton Personal interests

Please remember, this is only the 1st step in securing employment with one of our schools. Make sure your school teacher resume is informative, concise and free from spelling and grammatical errors.


We'll help you find your dream teaching job Our dedicated consultants will match your skills and experiences to the right school!

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We'll help you find your dream teaching job Our dedicated consultants will match your skills and experiences to the right school!

Diamond Teachers Recruitment

Diamond Teachers Recruitment

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